# Welcome to the Docs!

The CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection Add-on for Splunk Add-on allows ingestion of the CrowdStrike identity data into Splunk enabling the data to be used with other Splunk Apps, such as Enterprise Security.


This Splunk Supporting Add-on is not affiliated with Crowdstrike, Inc. and is not sponsored or sanctioned by the Crowdstrike team. Please visit https://www.crowdstrike.com for more information about Crowdstrike.

# Assumptions

This documentation assumes the following:

  1. You have a working Splunk environment.
  2. You have CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection
  3. Basic familiarity with Splunk and CrowdStrike.

# About

Info Description
TA-crowdstrike-devices 1.0.2 - Splunkbase | GitHub
CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection (Required) Find out more )
Add-on has a web UI Yes, this add-on has a setup page.